What makes electronic cigarettes so popular?

There can be no doubt that electronic cigarettes are getting more and more popular with each day. Even smokers who have been enjoying smoking for decades are discovering all the wonders of electronic cigarettes and they are deciding to switch, let alone people who are not that serious smokers and who are just looking for an occasional puff that will soothe their nerves and that will complement a meal or a night out. The popularity of e-cigs is definitely on the rise and we are looking at some of the reasons why this is happening.

Well, for one thing, there is the fact that when you look at the long-term implications, electronic cigarettes turn out to be cheaper than regular ones. This may sound strange as the price for starter kits is much higher than for a carton of cigs, but when you consider the fact that you will be using the same kit for years and that you will only need to replace your cartridges, the price starts to look less serious. We also need to be aware of the fact that regular cigarettes will only get more and more expensive in time and that a time will come when cigarettes will be a luxury. In short, electronic cigarettes are cheaper than the real thing and we need to respect this fact.

Furthermore, electronic cigarettes can be enjoyed everywhere, or nearly everywhere. In the vast majority of the world, you can light up an electronic cigarette in a restaurant or a bar. In most places you can enjoy an e-cig in your workplace, making it far less stressful than it would without a cigarette. Many people also find it very pleasing to be able to smoke on an airplane, perhaps easing their anxiety of flying or simply providing a more enjoyable experience. All smokers will tell you that lighting up after a hearty meal is something exquisite and with an electronic cigarette, you can do this even at the fanciest of restaurants.

In addition, it cannot be stressed as to how much healthier electronic cigarettes are than the real ones. You are not burning tobacco and inhaling it, together with tons of additives and chemicals that are incredibly harmful to your health. You can even take out nicotine out of the picture if you go for the nicotine-free electronic cigarettes. There have been numerous studies done on the safety profile of electronic cigarettes and they have been found to be majorly safe, especially if you were to compare them to regular cigarettes. For one, they are absolutely safe for the people around you as there is no danger of secondhand smoke. It simply does not exist.

Finally, there is also the matter of style which is another aspect where electronic cigarettes show their strength. The manufacturers go out of their way to come up with more interesting and more appealing designs every year and these days, you can choose among dozens of various designs and styles that are so much more appealing than the old white and orange combo.

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